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Research relating to renewable energies


an Abituscontact site

A site intended for DIY,

to the municipalities for the creation of cleaner energy and to feed a town with the system: 100% autonomous electricity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Intended for those who want to reduce their water and electricity bills at home by 80%, 

to then devote himself to other than energy bills,

and the ambition of abitus energy, to save 80% on the bill

pannels in grass
  • We offer "do it yourself" solutions for:  

  • reduce electricity and water bills by up to 80% 

  • Be 100% self-sufficient in Electricity (The ways to: produce clean and autonomous electricity in a closed circuit.

  • we try to make everything that works with electricity at a cost of 0 € in the bill (for each existing equipment in the house).

  • For vehicles (Cars, Motorcycles ...) we do research on a petrol (at the lowest price you can imagine),

  • For water consumption, the existing natural solutions, (reduction of the bill) with free rainwater, for houses and solutions for apartments

  • research to obtain a home or apartment production of foodstuffs: fish

  • Filtered air for rooms and / or offices 

Welcome to Abituscontact,

 born from a simple idea, to give people the opportunity to convert to faith in Christ. to create and get work. saving electricity bills, water at 80%, and helping the population in food imbalance in underpriced, the all in DIY,

find out by clicking our sites below

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pannels in grass
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