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High calorie recipes 

for those in need of a lot of caloric energy

Feeding people in need of a high calorie diet


The purpose of these preparations is multiple,

- With the agribusiness sector, bring low-per-pack, high-calorie lunches to undernourished countries, help those in Africa who are underweight and cannot ingest large amounts of food to caloric energy intake, and also for those who need to ingest a lot of calories in a short time during the day.

The first salty preparation is about 2300 calories and the second is salty about 1300 calories, for the third with chocolate we are about 1250 calories.

For Preparation in "Do it yourself"


- 400 grams of oriental taboulé (€ 1.50)

- 200 grams of natural Crakers or "Biscote"

- 120 grams of oil,


a teaspoon or two of water




Prices Contained in the shops:


Taboulé the package of 500 grams (for 400 grams) 1.50 €

Crakers (for 200 grams) 0.70 cts € or biscuits for 200 grams 0.60 cts €,


120 grams of oil approx: 0.20 cts.



in agri-food you can get a price of around 1 € 

For Preparation in "Do it yourself"


- 100 grams of Parmesan

- 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil

- (you can also add a tablespoon of white wine)

mix everything and eat alone or spread.

Prices Contained in the shops:

For extra virgin olive oil converting to the price per liter (3.50 to 7 €) we arrive at 0.35 cts up to 0.70 cts

For Parmesan or granapadana we are on prices of 11 € up to 17 € per kilo,

for 100 grams we get to 1.1 € up to 1.8 €

a snack that reaches about 1300 calories that can be taken away since the content is a few grams

For this chocolate preparation you need:

- 3 croissants,

- 150 grams of powdered milk

- 80 grams of chocolate powder (the dosage varies according to taste between 40/80 grams

you chop everything in a bowl,

with a light fillet of water (it is absorbed (put very little),

everything is mixed, here you can mix more will have a light paste like a feather cream (it takes the mixer),

calorie intake and

about: 460 calories for the croissants 

about: 680 calories for powdered milk

about 120 calories for chocolate powder

the result is about 1240 calories

the costs in low-cost shops are:

€ 1.12 for croissants

20 cts for milk

20 cts for the chocolate

in agri-food could be 40% less.

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