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Beaten eggs:

- two fresh eggs (yellow only)

- one and a half tablespoons of sugar

- a drop of Marsala to put at the end of the preparation (not mandatory)


Put two egg yellows in a bowl, and one and a half tablespoons of sugar (large spoons), mix for about half an hour by hand or mix with the blender until the eggs change color and become light yellow (they also make a kind of whiter foam).

- if you want, add a coffee spoon of Marsala at the end of preparation.

Spread on the biscuit.

the caloric and energy intake is very important,

it was a tonic of strength at the time of the peasants

The price is about 0.50 cts

Simple recipes with basic food products

Feeding people in need of a healthy diet with basic food products Research in nutrition in recipes with basic products: The goal of these preparations is multiple, Propose recipes with basic products that are inexpensive and easily accessible on the market or on the day: eggs, flour, a bit of cheese, vegetables below the movie to make "galette" (which is a yeast-free bread in DIY and the topping to eat with these:

Gallette: pan-fried yeast-free bread (English subtitles can be added)

To accompany this bread, here is a topping with basic products

For Preparation

- a tomato

- feta, or other cheeses

- Olive oil




You can get a price of about 1.5 €.


To eat with bread cakes

For Preparation

- Two eggs to beat, to make an "omelette"

- jam, two tablespoons

- Oil, to grease the pan




He knows how to eat with bread cakes

For the preparation in "Do it yourself"

- 100 grams of Parmesan

- 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil

- (you can also add a tablespoon of white wine)


mix everything and eat alone or spread.



Prices Contained in the shops:


For extra virgin olive oil converting to the price per liter (3.50 to 7 €) we arrive at 0.35 cts up to 0.70 cts


For Parmesan or Granapadana we are on prices of 11 € up to 17 € per kilo,

for 100 grams we get to 1.1 € up to 1.8 €


a snack that reaches about 1300 calories 

- A confection of Tabbouleh
- salt-free crackers
- olive oil

crush the crackers and mix everything


- Avvocato, tomato, garlic, salt and oregano, olive oil and two slices of bread "

- Cut two slices of bread, brown them a little in a pan, put the garlic, then put the slices of tomato, salt and oregano, olive oil, then add the avocado and it's ready in 5 minutes, ready to taste: the price varies depending on the shop you buy and is a little more expensive than other recipes: around 2.5 euros

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